Feza Yarns 4 Shades Gradient Kit

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Feza Yarns 4 Shades Gradient Kit

4 shades will take you on a 4 step journey of tonal transition. Alternating shades will add depth and contrast to your project without having to use different colors.  The 50/50 cotton/viscose blend is an ideal yarn for those who have allergies to wool. The gradient kit comes with 4 balls which each fade into each other, totaling 960 yards, which when partnered with the washable nature of the cotton and viscose, makes it the perfect yarn choice for baby blankets.


FIBRE CONTENT: 50 % Cotton / 50% Viscose

SKEIN SIZE: Total Weight: 400 g – Total Yardage: 960 yds

GAUGE: Knitting Needle Size:  US 3 - 6 ( 3.25 – 4.0 mm )

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