Knitters Pride Zing Circular Interchangeable Set

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KnitPro Zing series contains 8 pairs of the most popular sizes of Zing Series interchangeable needles. The needles are light and super smooth enabling them to slide easily through the stiches.

The set contains the following sizes:

3.50 mm (light green)

4.00 mm (blue)

4.50 mm (Blue Purple)

5.00 mm (pink)

5.50 mm (Brown)

6.00 mm (Dark Purple)

7.00 mm (Purple)

8.00 mm (Turquoise)

Additionally, the set contains:

4 cables: (1x60 cm, 2x80 cm, 1x100 cm)

8 stoppers

4 tightening keys

1 set of cable transitions

The set comes in a nice blue and red case with zipper closure and space for both storage of interchangeable needles and cables

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