Laines du Nord Vasto (Aran)

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Laines du Nord Vasto


This 100% fine wool comes from lovingly raised ‘Gentile di Puglia’ sheep, a breed derived from cross-breeding local ewes with Merino rams first brought from Spain in the fifteenth century. After the Unification of Italy in the nineteenth century, they were cross-bred with French Rambouillet and German Merinolandschaf sheep. The result was high-quality fine wool with a fiber diameter of 18–22 microns. It has a slightly elastic and dry touch that creates zero pilling, making it ideal for all stitch work. It is also particularly suited to Fair-Isle stranded stitch-work and Nordic-style colorful pullover sweaters and cardigans.


FIBRE CONTENT: 100% Italian Gentile Merino

SKEIN SIZE: Weight: 50 g – Yardage: 137 yds

GAUGE: Knitting Needle Size:  17 stitches per 4" on US 4 - 6 ( 5.0 – 5.5 mm )

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