Lana Mia One 4 Two

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Lana Mia One 4 Two

Lana Mia One4Two says it all in the name, one ball of yarn for two socks. This yarn easily knits up a perfectly matched pair of socks. With the easy to recognise start, just wind the yarn from the ball until you get to the end of the starter and that’s where you begin to knit your first sock. For the second sock just wind the yarn off again until you reach the same starting point for two matching socks.


FIBRE CONTENT: 80% Superwash Virgin Wool / 20% Polyamide

SKEIN SIZE: Weight: 100 g - Yardage: 429 yds

GAUGE: Knitting Needle Size: US 1-2  (2.25 – 3.0 mm)

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