Sherry's Magic Cord (3 x 1 metre)

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Sherry's Magic Cord (3 x 1metre)

Looking for a great option to hold your stitches when you separate for the sleeves or want to try on your top while you are still knitting to check it for length?

Sherry's Magic Cord is what you need!

3 x 1 metre lengths, in your choice of colour, allow for you to put the cord on the end of your needles to slide your stitches on and tie together, keeping sleeve stitches easily on hold and easier to transfer back to your needles than waste yarn.

Want to try in your top?  Easily slip the cord onto each needle tip, allowing the spread of stitches so that you can try on your WIP and see if you're ready to bind off yet!

You can cut the cord if you wish to have different lengths - 2 x 30" for sleeves for example.

Pick your favourite colour from the selection available.


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